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Truth & sarcasm


Self improvement/ Personal Development

Human beings are superior to all other living beings because of the habit of learning evey now & then.
We’ll find that we are a completely different person when we compare our present self with our past selves.

I have also learnt a lot from my mistakes & still learning.
Let me share one of those incidents which became a path-finder for my life :-

Since childhood, I always had a passion to learn English. English books, newspapers, stories & poems always used to fascinate me. No sooner had my father bought books for the new session of school, than I finished reading them.
I still remember those summer vacations of 6th standard, when our English teacher gave us homework to write a diary & mention in it about what all happened that day.
Holidays ended but my habit of writing diary continued till date. I have won various writing competitions conducted by school & the government as well.
I didn’t stopped just writing articles, but I also starting writing my own poems & stories. (For better vocab, I searched synonyms for words I used in my writings)

I never shared my work with anyone, no-one in my family or friends knew that I write untill I shared a poem one day on my WhatsApp status & an English teacher of my college recognized my talent. She appreciated my work & motivated me to keep working on it.
And I must call it my luck or coincidence, next day my uncle told me about blogging.
I decided to publish my work on blog. So, I made a WordPress blog & started posting my work. Though it may not have a bright response as I expected, but at least I have started my journey & over day, it’ll surely lead me to my destination.

Now when I look back at those days, at my first diary I wrote in 6th standard, I smile & realizes that I really have learnt & improved a lot. My writing skills have surpassed since I started writing.

Social media & Google have been really helpful to shape my skills.
That moment I realized that use & misuse of technology depends totally on our mindset, in what way or for what purpose we use it.

For success, what matters is determination & consistency!!

Is studying Online better than Offline??


Online classes have emerged as a new normal amid the Corona pandemic, which helped the education system survive & prevented it from collapsing during the lockdown.

Now, the question arises whether online classes are better than offline classes. So, let’s explore the most debated topic nowadays, Online v/s Offline.


Advantages of Online Classes :-

(1) Cost effective & saves travel time which can be utilized by students in doing other productive activities & teacher gets more time to solve problems of students.

(2) Class recordings are provided for later references (helpful in absence or technical glitches).

(3) Fun and easy learning through videos, images, documentaries etc.

(4) Personalised guidance of parents & better teacher-student interaction.

(5) Helps to develop self-discipline.

(6) Beneficial for introvert or average students who can ask queries in class groups without hesitation or inferiority complex.

(7) Save resources – no school transportation prevents pollution & minimize the use of fuel.

Online Classes have some limitations as well when compared to Offline Classes :-

Eyes strain, back & neck pain, headache,  distraction, minimal peer help, feeling of isolation, frustration, not a good option for little kids.

Tips to prevent negative effects of Online Classes :-

(1) Stay away from screen during break.

(2) Inform the teacher immediately in case of any technical glitch.

(3) Give time to personal self as well.


Though advantages & disadvantages varies from person to person, yet ‘Online Learning’ is certainly a more effective option for students rather than Offline Learning.

In the beginning, it may be difficult to catch-up with the sudden shift from physical classroom to a digital platform. But as the world is growing at a fast pace in technological advancements, so to keep ourselves at par with the world, we need to accept this change & mould ourselves accordingly.

Song : “EK RAAT” by VILEN (interpretation)

Release date : 7 Feb, 2018

It is a song written, composed, sung & directed by Vilen (Vipul Dhanaker), describing 3 stages of a person’s life after his heart being broken, his feelings being hurt or breakup.

Stanza (1) :- This is the first stage, when the person questions himself why this happened to him, he feels himself to be deserted & worthless.

Stanza (2) :- This is the second stage, where he gives himself logical explanations to accepts the reality & decides to move on in a fit of aggression & hatred for the other person.

Stanza (3) :- This is the final stage, where he is not angry or sad on what happened, he simply accepts the reality & realizes that he was so stupid to waste his time being sad & starts the new happy journey of life, closing that old chapter.

Stanza (1) :-

Lines : Churaya he kyun jab vo todna he tha, dil bhi vo toota hai jo mere paas nhi.

Explanation : Now that his love is gone, the person talks to himself why his lover did so. The girl stole his heart with her goodness & charm & later broke it into pieces. Why did she stole it when she didn’t want to take care of it or keep it with her forever, but all she did was to break it (either by mistake or knowingly)!? (It really hurts when you give someone your most precious thing thinking that they’ll take care of it but they break it proving your love & trust to be a foolish act.)

Lines : Dikhaya he kyu jab muh modna he tha, seene main hawa to hai pr vo saans nhi.

Explanation : He asks himself in frustration & regret, “Why did the girl showed me her face, met me, smiled at me, spent time with me; when all she had to do was to go away!? When she knew she couldn’t stay forever, then why did she filled me with love, gave me false hopes ; to turn away & vanish!?” Now, he says what he’s breathing or is inside is mere air (Oxygen & Carbon dioxide), implying that he is just breathing as a result of human mechanism unlike before, when his every breathe had a meaning which made him happy & lively. He feels that there is no reason or aim of his life. (Nowadays people are in relationship coz’ it’s a trend, without knowing that the other may develop genuine feelings for him/her & later people simply say ‘it’s over, breakup’, which actually can make the other person’s life, a living hell!)

Lines : mere paas nhi hai koi saath nhi hai, jo bata de mujhe baat ye khaas nhi.

Explanation : He says, there’s noone near me or close to me whom I can tell what I feel, what I am going through. And there’s noone who can give me a hope that breakups & all is not a big deal, everyone go through this phase & feels sad & broken but later everything becomes fine again. Life smile back at themselves. (At such times, we need someone to listen us, to understand us, to tell us that it’s ok, one day everything will be fine. It’s not like the person don’t understand all this, what he needs is a satisfaction that yes there are still many people who understands him, who love him, for whom his happiness matters)

Lines : Dil udaas sahi hai, koi aas nhi hai. Pagli aankhon ki nami hai ye barsaat nhi.

Explanation : Now, the person tells himself that he’s is fine to carry this pain with him, and this pain gives him happiness & he’s happy being sad. He don’t have any hope of his lover’s return or himself being happy again. Now, he compares rain with his tears. He ays that it is not mere water droplets, but the nature also feels his pain & is sad for him & the clouds are shedding tears in form of rain looking at my pain, grievance & tears.

Stanza (2) :-

Lines : Main bhi na jane kahan kho gya tha, jindagi bhi mujhse khafa ho gyi. Jis din ki is dil ne khud se mohobbat jindagi bhi mujhpe fida ho gyi.

Explanation : Now, he came out of his gloomy state & stop creating fake scenarios of his lover’s return in his mind. He realizes his mistake & ponders that he was so foolish to waste his time in being sad at such an stupid thing. Life also irked at him because he was not living it properly, he was not giving it the importance it deserved. The day he started loving himself instead of begging for love from someone else, life also smiled back at him.

Lines : Mere paas nhi hain koi saath nhi hai. Aur naa hai ab kisika intzaar kahin. Tere baare main naa sochun aisi raat nhi hai, pr tu tode dil mera teri aukaat nhi.

Explanation : Now he says that he has accepted the fact that there’s no-one around me or for me. And now he has accepted the truth & he doesn’t have a fake expectation of his lover’s return. Though there’s not a single night he don’t think about his lover, the happy memories, the time spent together & their parting with each other. But the difference is that now he don’t feel sad remembering all what happened to him because it was not his mistake for what happened to him, so he stopped punishing himself for that. He took that instance as a lesson to move forward on his way to lead a happy & successful life.

Stanza (3) :-

Lines : Aankhon main dhuaan tha maine dekha he nhi, khushi peeche he khadi daabe ye hasi. Dil bhi bola sun baavre akhiyon k dushman, naa main kabhi tuta tha na khoya tha kahin.

Explanation : Now the boy says that he was blindfolded & lost in someone’s thoughts that he couldn’t see the happiness standing right behind him trying to control its laughter. Happiness was laughing at him because he was such a fool, trying to find happiness everywhere but not in himself. (Happiness is a state of mind, no objects, no person, no love, no money can give you happiness untill you decides to be happy) Now, when he is a bit calm, he hears a voice which is of his own heart telling him that, “The truth is that I was neither broken nor was ever lost. It was you who couldn’t see it”.

Lines : Tere paas yahin hu, ye awaaj main he hu. Ye kahani teri meri hai, jamane ki nahin. Main dhadakta rahu, tu bhi yun hasta rahe, duniya jaae saali bhaad main, koi parvaah he nhi.

Explanation : Now the heart says, “I am right here with you. Listen to these heartbeats, it’s me your heart. This is a story of you & me, not the rest of the outer world. Let the world go to hell, I am for you & you’re for me, there’s no-one else for us, we are the only companion for each other. Accept this reality, let me beat for you & you too please smile for the healthy functioning of me. People may come & go, but I’ll stay with you till your last breathe. So you also have to remain happy for me.” (And finally, the person goes back to the happy life which was awaiting for him for a long time)

People may come & go!!

But life should always continue!!

Keep learning, keep moving & keep loving yourself!!❤️

I don’t know what would have been the thoughts, ideas or mindset of VILEN behind the making of this song.

But this was my own perception based on my understanding of the song – “Ek Raat” by Vilen.

YouTube & Instagram account link of Vilen are provided below :-

Ramayana : an amazing, life & human values teaching Indian epic

Ramayana, written in Sanskrit language by the Adi poet Valmiki, is such a great book of Hinduism, in which the best cultural values of human life and the dignity of relationships have been portrayed excellently.

The life character and humility of Maryadapurushottam (best among men having high dignity) Shri Ram has been beautifully described and depicted, which will continue to give a feeling of the culmination of human life till the ages.

It is such an epic that every time it is heard, a new energy is felt every time.
It has proved false the saying that stories get old with time. Since ancient times, people have been listening and the plays and dramas based on it with great devotion.

Essence or summary of ramayana :-

According to the legend of Ramayana, King Dasharatha was the majestic king of Ayodhya who had three queens – Kaushalya Sumitra, Kaikeyi with whom he had 4 sons. Rama’s mother was Queen Kaushalya, Queen Sumitra was the mother of Lakshmana and Shatrughna and Queen Kaikeyi was the mother of Bharata.
In the swayamvara (marrying a person who used to win prescribed competitions) of Sita, the daughter of Mithila king Janak, Shri Ram broke the bow of lord Shiva and after marrying Sita, King Dasharatha announced the coronation of Shri Ram, but instigated by Manthara (a maid of Queen kaikeyi), Queen Kaikeyi asked for 14 years of exile to Rama and the coronation of Bharata in two promises given by him to save the life of King Dasharatha once in a battle.
To fulfill the promise made by his father, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana went to the forest and as a result of the curse given by the parents of Shravan Kumar, King Dasharatha died in the pain of separation of his son. Then Ram-Bharat meeting, Sita abduction by Ravana, Jatayu (a vulture who tried to help seeta but killed by ravana) deliverance, Shabri Ram offering, Ram – Hanuman (best devotee of lord Ram) Sugriva meeting, Bali’s end, Lanka combustion by Hanuman, Vibhishana arrival, construction of a sea bridge to Lanka (present day’s Adams bridge) by Nal & Neel, unshakable Angad feet, Ram Ravana war, Laxman fainted due to poisoned arrow, Hanuman bringing Sanjeevani Booti (Panacea), killing of warriors like Meghnath Kumbhakaran etc., killing Lord Rama by shooting arrow at Ravana’s navel on being told by Vibhishana, Vibhishana’s coronation, Sita’s ordeal; Arrival of Rama, Lakshmana, Sita and Vanaras(monkey army) to Ayodhya by Pushpak Vimana; lightings, gaiety, Rama’s coronation, Ram sent Sita to the forest after the people of Ayodhya stigmatized on Sita.
The birth of Luv-Kush during the stay at Valmiki’s ashram, Luv & Kush winning the Ashwamedha Yagya (sending a horse with a letter of to accept their lordship or to fight) performed by Rama, narration of the life story of Rama and Sita in sweet voice in front of all the subjects in Rama’s court by luv-kush.
Valmiki telling the truth of his son Luv Kush to Shri Ram, goddess Sita being absorbed in the lap of the earth, Rama’s repentance.

PhilosophiCal meaning of Ramayana :-

The duality & fight of good and evil happening inside us has been called Ramayana.
Our soul is Ram and our mind is Sita. Our breath and life force is Hanuman, awareness is Lakshmana and ego is ravan
When the mind (Sita) is stolen by the ego (Ravan), the soul (Rama) becomes restless.
When the soul (Rama) cannot reach the mind (Sita) on its own, then it has to live with awareness (Lakshman) and take the support of life force (Hanuman). With the help of life force (Hanuman) and awareness (Lakshmana) the mind is again merged with the soul (Sita) and the ego (Ravan) is vanished.

“Ramayana” is a mesmerising epic which will teach you the way of life & the essence of true human values.

Go for full volume translations of “Ramayana”!!

“रामायण महाकाव्य : सारांश तथा दार्शनिक अर्थ

रामायण, आदि कवि वाल्मीकि द्वारा संस्कृत भाषा में रचित हिंदू धर्म का ऐसा महान ग्रंथ है जिसमें मानव जीवन की सर्वश्रेष्ठ सांस्कृतिक मूल्यों एवं रिश्तों की मर्यादा का उत्कृष्ट चित्रण किया गया है।
मर्यदापुरुशोत्तम श्री रामचंद्र के जीवन चरित्र और उनकी विनम्रता का मनमोहक वर्णन एवं चित्रण किया गया है जो युग युगांतर तक मानव जीवन की पराकाष्ठा की अनुभूति कराता रहेगा।
यह एक ऐसा महाकाव्य है जिसे जितनी बार सुना जाए, हर बार एक नई ऊर्जा की अनुभूति होती है।
इसने इस बात को झूठा साबित कर दिया है कि कहानियां समय के साथ पुरानी हो जाती हैं।
प्राचीन काल से ही लोग इसे बड़े भक्ति भाव से सुनते और देखते आ रहे हैं।

रामायण का सारांश :-
रामायण की कथा के अनुसार राजा दशरथ अयोध्या के प्रतापी राजा थे जिनकी तीन रानियां – कौशल्या सुमित्रा, कैकई थीं जिनसे उन्हें 4 पुत्र थे। राम की माता रानी कौशल्या, लक्ष्मण और शत्रुघ्न की माता रानी सुमित्रा तथा भरत की माता रानी कैकई थी।
मिथिला नरेश जनक की पुत्री सीता के स्वयंवर में श्री राम ने शिव धनुष तोड़कर माता सीता से विवाह करने के पश्चात राजा दशरथ ने श्री राम के राज्याभिषेक की घोषणा, मंथरा द्वारा भड़काए जाने पर रानी कैकई ने राजा दशरथ के प्राण बचाने पर उनके द्वारा दिए गए दो वचनों में राम को 14 वर्ष का वनवास तथा भरत का राज्याभिषेक मांगना।
वचन का पालन करते हुए राम, सीता तथा लक्ष्मण वन जाना तथा श्रवण कुमार के माता-पिता द्वारा दिए गए श्राप के फलस्वरूप राजा दशरथ के पुत्र वियोग में मृत्यु होना। फिर राम-भरत मिलाप, रावण द्वारा सीता हरण, जटायु उद्धार, शबरी राम भेंट, राम हनुमान सुग्रीव मिलन, बाली अंत, हनुमान द्वारा लंका दहन, विभीषण आगमन, नल नील द्वारा लंका तक समुद्र सेतु निर्माण, अडिग अंगद पद, राम रावण युद्ध, लक्ष्मण मूर्छा, हनुमान द्वारा संजीवनी बूटी लाना, मेघनाथ कुंभकरण आदि योद्धाओं का वध, विभीषण द्वारा बताए जाने पर भगवान राम का रावण की नाभि में तीर मारकर वध करना, विभीषण राज्याभिषेक, सीता की अग्नि परीक्षा; पुष्पक विमान द्वारा राम, लक्ष्मण, सीता तथा वानरों का अयोध्या में आगमन; दीपोत्सव, हर्षोल्लास, राम राज्याभिषेक, अयोध्या वासियों द्वारा सीता पर लांछन लगाए जाने पर उनका राम द्वारा वन भेजना, वाल्मीकि के आश्रम में रहकर लव-कुश का जन्म, लव कुश का राम द्वारा किए गए अश्वमेध यज्ञ को जीतना, राम के दरबार में समस्त प्रजाजन के आगे मधुर वाणी में राम सीता की जीवन गाथा सुनना, वाल्मीकि द्वारा श्री राम को उनके पुत्र लव कुश का सत्य बताना, माता सीता का धरती की गोद में समा जाना, राम का पश्चाताप।

रामायण का दार्शनिक अर्थ :-
हमारे ही अंदर हो रहे अच्छाई और बुराई के द्वंद को ही रामायण कहा गया है।
हमारी आत्मा राम है और मन सीता है। हमारी स्वांस व जीवन शक्ति हनुमान है, जागरूकता लक्ष्मण तथा अहंकार रावण है।
जब मन (सीता) ,अहंकार (रावण) द्वारा चुराया जाता है तो आत्मा (राम) बेचैन हो जाती है।
जब आत्मा (राम) अपने आप ही मन (सीता) तक नहीं पहुंच सकती, तब इसे जागरूकता (लक्ष्मण) के साथ रहकर जीवन शक्ति (हनुमान) का सहारा लेना होगा। जीवन शक्ति (हनुमान) और जागरूकता (लक्ष्मण) की मदद से मन फिर से आत्मा (सीता) के साथ मिल गया और अहंकार (रावण) मिट गया।

“Mental health in 2022 : causes, effects & cures”

Mental health includes a person’s emotional, mental and psychological well-being. It affects the decision-making, thinking capacity and action taking abilities of a person along with other physical health issues.

Covid-19 pandemic had an adverse effect on the mental health of people in both 2020 & 2021. Kids, adolescence & adults – no one was intact of it’s grip.


Major causes of mental health issues that remained in 2021:-

  • Personal problems : death, illness or loss of a close relative/loved ones; family conflicts, divorce, breakups, trust issues etc.
  • Major events : losing job, fake allegations, new workplace.
  • Bereavement, loss of income, isolation, fear of Corona.
  • Personality : low esteem, physical abuses, disease, poverty, regular exposure to violence, failure, low grades, pessimistic behaviour.
  • Substance misuse : alcohol, drugs, cigarettes to cure tension & loneliness further add up to worsen the situation.
  • Hormonal imbalance : sudden hormonal change or chemical imbalance in body.


All this triggered various mental health diseases in the consecutive years :-

  • Depression : Sudden change in lifestyle, & fear cause depression.
  • Insomnia : Creating scenarios in mind leads to sleeplessness which leads to further problems.
  • Fatigue : Disinterest & insomnia wipe out energy levels.
  • Increased pain sensitivity : Headache due to all the tensions may increase upto the level which do not improve even after medication.
  • Cardiovascular diseases : Depression causes blood vessels to constrict which results in cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, cardiac arrest, diabetes, heart attack etc.
  • Other problems : Loneliness, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, disinterest in etc.

Covid-19 along with all this further add up to worsen the situation. Sometimes which lead to suicide and self-injury.

Moreover, our society treats mental health disorders as ‘common cold’. No-one takes it seriously or pays attention to it, neither the sufferer nor the family. When the person share his views with someone, he/she is made fun of, instead of being understood or helped. We should understand that it is not a disease and we can easily snap out of it.


Some measures which can lead you to a happy 2022 :-

(1) Accept who you are : Don’t expect for an instant change in yourself. Accept who you are & try to improvise at a slow pace.

(2) Nourish your body : Meditate, exercise, head & body massage, healthy eating habits with soothe your body & mind.

(3) Bring intentions into actions : Don’t just make plans, bring then into actions. Do what you want to irrespective of what others think. Chase your dreams & be fantastic.

(4) Take time for yourself : Spend 15-30 minutes each day doing something you enjoy. Make assessment of your doings at the end of the day. Be optimistic & try to find the positive in you.

(5) Talk therapy : Talk to your friends, family, teachers, or loved ones whom you can trust.

(5) Follow the Coronavirus pandemic guidelines. Vaccinate yourself. Staying safe should be the first & the foremost priority.

And if that also doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor or make a virtual or physical appointment with mental health professionals (based on the need of the time).

Wish you all a Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year 2022.❤️

How depression leads to multiple health disorders??

Depression is a condition of persistent sadness, lack of interest, pleasure or satisfaction for a time of 2 weeks or more, a common yet serious mental disorder worldwide.
According to WHO, approximately 280 million people in this world suffer from depression, specially adults.

Some of the causes are mentioned below, which varies from person to person:-
(1) Personality : low-esteem, physical abuse, diseases, poverty, regular exposure to violence, failure, low grades, loss, pessimistic behaviour, isolation at college or workplace by peer group or colleagues.
(2) Personal cause : death, illness or loss of a close relative; family conflicts, divorce etc.
(3) Genetic/Family History : genes are also responsible.
(4) Major events : childhood trauma, losing job, fake allegations; new college, job or workplace.
(5) Substance Misuse : alcohol or chemical drugs
(6) Hormonal Imbalance : chemical imbalance or hormonal change.

Depression and physical health are interrelated.
Depression may or may not be a cause of a disease but it will surely lead you to multiple health problems.
Depression causing health issues:-
(1) Drug Dddiction : A depressed person, not being able to distinguish between right and wrong, is the easiest prey of drug peddlers. The person in the start take drugs, alcohols & antidepressants as a measure to prevent himself from the sufferings but in return it worsens the condition to the extent of death.
(2) Insomnia : A depressed person always keep thinking about his life, failures & problems. He create fake scenarios in his mind which have no grounds and is unable to sleep.
(3) Fatigue : Disinterest and insomnia wipe out energy levels.
(4) Increased Pain Sensitivity : Depression leads to severe headaches and other aches which sometimes do not improve even with the medication.
(5) Weight Fluctuations : Depression may lead to obesity when you use food as a medium to cope up while it may cause nutritional deficiencies with poor eating habits.
(6) Cardiovascular Diseases : Depression cause the blood vessels to constrict which increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, cardiac arrest, heart attack etc.
(7) Weak Memory : A depressed person being busy in his own thoughts and worries, is unable to concentrate on what is happening around him, which hinders his concentration, decision making power and may lead to weak memory.
(8) Hurting oneself or others : The person not in his proper senses, may blame himself or someone else for all the failures, problems & ill-happenings in his life and tries to punish himself or harm others for the cause. He feels that life isn’t worth living which usually leads to suicide.
(9) Other problems : Depression leads to sadness, loneliness, helplessness & hopelessness. In short, it makes a person void. He feels that he is good for nothing, he is of no use, his life is waste, his presence doesn’t matter, he has no value, no importance in the world, no one loves him, understands him or care for him. It creates his disinterest in living life or performing any activities. He remain alone, don’t open up with anyone.

All this further adds up to worsen the situation.
Moreover, our society treats depression as ‘common cold’. No-one takes it seriously or pays attention to it, neither the sufferer nor the family. When the person share his views with someone, he/she is made fun of, instead of being understood or helped.
We should understand that it is not a disease and we can easily snap out of it.
Talk to your friends, family, teachers, or loved ones whom you can trust.
Further, meditation, balanced diet, avoiding alcohol, feeling positive, spending time with family & friends may reduce depression.
And if it doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor or make an appointment with mental health professionals.
Medication, Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy, ECT(Electroconvulsive Therapy) are some curative ways of treating depression.

International Men’s Day – a beautiful creation

Social media is not flooded with quotes about “MEN”,
unlike those on Women’s Day!! 🤳

My heart aches to read them,
They say,
“A men never hurts a women”.
“A men is one who respects women”.
“A men is one with broad smile even in the deepest pains”.
“A man is one who never looses”.
“A man is one who never shows his back”.
“A man is one who’s never afraid”.🤖
I hate these norms established for them.
They are humans, having emotions as well.
They are always the ones, with the most expectations.
They can’t fail, they can’t loose, they can’t be sad, they can’t be loud, they can’t be poor, they have to be tough.
What the fuck!!??🤦

Men are usually not talked about, their feelings always undervalued!!

Shoulders burdened with responsibilities,
Still stand high,
Never say a word about own emotions, but all set to make others smile.
They feel sad but they never show,
They are the ones with sufferings too.
Physical, emotional or mental pain,
they never express even one of them.
Mom, dad, sis, bro,
family, kids, wife, relatives,
job, salary, pension, demands,
needs, gathering, function, instalments, stress, anxiety.
Worrying about all this,
They forget their own self!!🌞👤

They’ll bear a lot,
But once the limit is crossed,
They’ll be disastrous.
Even if they did a lot,
One mistake can ruin it all.
None will understand the conditions,
but readily put the blame on them.👀

You’re still a man,
if you fail or scream,
If you feel down,
If you loose hope sometimes,
If you need a shoulder to cry on.
It’s ok if you feel sad,
It’s ok if you’re sometimes afraid.
It’s ok if you need help,
Coz’ you have feelings too,
And have right to express them!!😌🙌🏻

Don’t listen to the society,
It’s a blood-sucking leech.
It’ll make you hollow,
like a termite indeed.😒

You know what’s right & what’s wrong, do whatever makes you to the top.
Coz, if you want to be loved & respected, the only way is to make money,
unlike a women with beauty!!
Your sympathy, simplicity, beauty of soul & looks,
are nothing to this cruel world with the lust of material things!!🥺

So, be SUCCESSFUL & still exhibiting the qualities of a MAN, is what I call a


A MAN is usually put equivalent to a HERO.

But why do we forget that, SUPERHEROES have hard times too!! 🦸🏼‍♂️

They deserve to be understood too!!!

“A hearty message to all my male friends, family members, relatives & acquaintances!!” ❤️